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Zeki Arslan:

Turkish painter, a commuter between two worlds

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The artist with his sculpture "INFINITY"
brennende Erde - yanan toprak - toprak Aufbrechende Krusten 2 - yarýlan yer Verwerfungen - savruluþlar Entfaltungen - acýlýmlar Turbulenzen - karmaþýklýklar
Glühendes Gleichgewicht - kýzgýn dengeler Ohne Titel - isimsiz Roter Riese - kýzýl dev Ganzheit 2 - bütünlük 2 Energiequellen - enerji kaynaklarý
Kalt oder warm - soðuk yada sýcak Gelb nah - yakýn sarý Blau im Schwarz-weiß - siyah beyazdaki mavi

Annual gifts of Kunstverein Lippstadt 2014

(together with Ulrich Erben)

Annual gifts of Kunstverein Lippstadt 2014

Pictures of the exhibition in the Kunstverein Lippstadt
from 26.10.2014 to 21.12.2014

Kunstverein Lippstadt
Pictures of the exhibition in the
Osthaus Museum Hagen
from 09.12.2011 to 05.02.2012

Osthaus Museum Hagen
Pictures of the exhibition in the Museum
am Ostwall, Dortmund
from 11.12.1994 to 15.01.1995

Museum am Ostwall

Contact to Zeki Arslan:    

Studio address in Germany: in Turkey: E-mail to Zeki Arslan
Buchenweg 27
59557 Lippstadt
Tel. +49 2941 22503
Icadiye Cad. No. 33/2
+90 216 3433689

Who is Zeki Arslan?

Arslan was born 1949 in Bartın in Turkey and resettled 1975 to Germany. He completed classical design training at the Fachhochschule Münster in the years 1977-1982. The spectrum of this training ranged from concrete painting, photography, silk screen printing and etching, to graphics Design. During his studies he was primarily interested in the phenomenon of structure. This remained unchanged in his ongoing artistic maturation.

In the years of 1982-1985 he subjected his work to a process of creation and destroying. Primarily small formatted pictures were used for this surface experiments. Starting point was the painted oil picture, which he subjected to various experiments.

With increasing concentration on structural analysing, coloring was reduced ever more, the pictures faded and ceased conveying contents. With grey, brown, yellow, lightgreen and soil colors and color shades, color surfaces rather than color forms developed. They inspired an impression of width in contrary to the absence of any perspective depth illusion. We find pure surface and colorless colors in the best sense. Due to the absence of starting and ending ranges at the picture, the compositions associate infiniteness, which results from the All Over Principle.

Arslan decides 1985 to work abstractly.

His art must be seen in the context of the artistic expressions of the German Informel. "German Informel" and "All Over Principle" became almost his brand name.
Differently expressed: Arslan realized a picture language of connected forms.

However, Arslan lives today in an essentially different intellectual and mental environment. His work after 1987 resulted from the linkage of pale colours with a lyric picture language.

(Excerpt from an article of Necmi Sönmez)

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About Zeki Arslan's art

Embedded into the western cultural area the sources of which being rather strange to him, he considers the condition of our world in a completely personal manner. Uncompromisingly he dedicates himself to the individual expression of art, paints gestural violently, emotionally pretentious with glowing colors. His determining principle of composition: Plainly the chaos. Thus a true copy of the present global situation - at the first glance.

Intellect and emotion at the same time - the "classical" artistic principle designates also with Zeki Arslan the cosmos of his taking influence on us.

(Excerpt from an article of Tayfun Belgin)

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